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Cancellation Policy:

Iglaps Technologies. believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:

  • Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 72 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the execution process has started basis the order.
  • There is no cancellation of orders placed under the Same Day Delivery category.
  • No cancellations are entertained for product/s/service/s that the Iglaps Technologies. marketing team has obtained on special occasions like Pongal, Diwali, and Valentine’s Day etc. These are limited occasion offers and therefore cancellations are not possible.
  • Iglaps Technologies. does not accept cancellation requests unless the customer establishes that the quality of product/service delivered is not at par to the standards of requirements that was communicated or agreed upon.
  • In case you feel that the product/service received is not as per the scope of the project defined by you or as was mutually agreed upon, you must bring it to the notice of our customer service within 24 hours of receiving the product. The Customer Service Team after looking into your complaint will take an appropriate action.

Refund Policy:

We strive to provide our customers with the software of the highest quality along with the best technical, sales and information support services.

To help ensure that our software products are just what you need, free trial/demo versions are available for download from our websites. Comprehensive products and services information is provided, as well. To help you make the right decision, you can also contact Sales or Customer Service representative.

We understand, however, that exceptional circumstance may occur due to the nature of the products we supply, so please, get acquainted with our Refund Policy before you order our software to avoid dissatisfaction after the purchase.

Since all of our products are intangible irrevocable goods (digital software), delivered instantly once payment is received, they come with a 14-Day Honor-Based Money-Back GuaranteeHonor-based means we will be glad to return your investment providing that:

  • we are sure the product is malfunctioning (i.e. doesn’t function according to the features declared at the product’s homepage or other official product documents) on the client’s computer/mobile device;
  • we receive assistance in finding out the details of the problem on the side of the customer;
  • we fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.

The refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or additional reimbursements. OR, at customer’s choice, replacement of the product of the same or around the same value can be offered.

Product Return Procedure:

  1. Requests for refunds must be:
    • Made within fourteen (14) days of the purchase date.
    • Sent via e-mail to our Customer Service Team.
    • Contain order reference number along with the detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund.
  2. Upon sending a refund request, please allow our Customer Service Team up to one (1) business day to get back to you on the problem.
  3. You should expect an email from , be ready to provide our support agents with additional information and follow all the recommendations.
  4. If a refund is approved, it might take us up to one (1) business day to process it. You will get the money returned in the same form of currency used for the purchase. Purchases with credit cards will be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the product, and for check and money order purchases a check will be sent.
  5. If you ordered Boxed CD version, return it with all the original packaging and its contents to the Sender address on the envelope. If you ordered electronic version only, destroy all copies of the license.

Cases ineligible for a refund include:

  1. The client refuses to follow the instructions of the Iglaps Customer Service Team or doesn’t provide the requested assistance.
  2. There is a fix or a workaround to the issue reported as a reason for a refund.
  3. The software was purchased by mistake or on assumption that it does something that it is not intended to do.
  4. There is a functional peculiarity that is mentioned in the user guide to the software or on the product’s webpage.
  5. The client purchased the software for an OS different from that used by the client (in this case we will be glad to change the license for the needed one, if possible).
  6. The client did not read the license description and purchased a license type that does not meet their needs.
  7. The bug reported was fixed in a newer version than the client owns, but the client refuses to upgrade.
  8. The problem is caused by the client’s system or network settings or by a third-party application or device.
  9. The client changed their mind and no longer wants the product for non-technical reasons.
  10. The software purchased from us was lost, stolen, damaged or traded.
  11. The software was ordered as part of a time-limited promo.
  12. The client purchased or downloaded another software that seems to meet their needs better according to their own assumptions.
  13. The client purchased the software not from an official Iglaps Technologies reseller, but from a third party not related to Iglaps Technologies. If you are unsure, contact before purchasing.
  14. A refund is requested due to an issue that could have been tested with the free trial/demo version, since the software is delivered to the licensee “as is”.